Roadhawk Insurance

The Problem

problem Expensive and time consuming resolution periods

problem Unnecessary and unavoidable expenses

problem ‘Crash for Cash’ and staged accidents

problem Fraudulent personal injury and whiplash claims

problem 50-50 and ‘knock for knock’ outcomes

problem Conflicting statements of events

problem Lack of credible witnesses

problem Unneccessry attritional claims costing the company when third party at fault

RoadHawk Solution

The Solution

solution Provides accurate video, speed, time & date, G-force and location of any road traffic collision

solution Allows claims to be settled more effectively and efficiently

solution Mitigate risk from ‘crash for cash’ and fraudulent personal injury claims

solution Eligible for use in court to exonerate driver of any blame

solution Simple and quick ordering process

solution Insurance discounted RoadHawk packages

solution Full 2 year warranty and UK based customer support

solution Self-fit or UK wide approved fitting service available

solution Up to 1080p full high definition video resolution

solution No subscription or on-going costs

solution Zero maintenance once fitted

solution Simple to view and send video files

solution Proven to improve driver behaviour - Reduce fleet and fuel costs

Advanced Product Display
RoadHawk HD Dash Cam
£209.95 (Inc VAT)
In stock
RoadHawk E10 Multi Camera DVR
£359.95 (Inc VAT)
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RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam
£179.95 (Inc VAT)
In stock
RoadHawk HD-2 Dash Cam
£249.95 (Inc VAT)
In stock
RoadHawk Vision Dash Cam
£149.95 (Inc VAT)
In stock
RoadHawk E42 4 Channel DVR
£630.00 (Inc VAT)
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RoadHawk E82 8 Channel DVR
£682.80 (Inc VAT)
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towergate insurance

‘RoadHawk cameras are an invaluable source of information when dealing with a claim, they help us  to establish the circumstances and in many cases have helped clear clients drivers of responsibility for the accident’.

Helena Stubbs, Claims Liaison Manager Towergate Insurance - Motor Division